About me

Hey there, my name is Benjamin and this is my blog. I’m a bit of a nerd so there will be only what I can describe as a smattering of random posts on here. I don’t blog very often, you’ll be very lucky to get 2-3 posts a year from me. You’ll get posts ranging from food to finance so buckle up! I have ever evolving tastes and hobbies, so this blog will probably be a living breathing project reflecting what I’m into at any given time.

In 2015 we moved to Jacksonville, Florida to start a new career in a new town. I work as the manager of business development for one of the largest software companies in the US. I’m in my thirties now and have a pretty diverse background, including founding several startups, working as a business counselor for the SBA, and a solutions consultant for a software as a service company. My wheelhouse tends to be Business + tech.

I really enjoy finance, cars, cooking, investing, and business.

I have been married for eight years to my beautiful wife Alyssa, she’s a photographer and stays at home with our daughter Mira.

 I hope you enjoy my blog, and share it with your friends. Feel free to discuss my posts here, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn