Anova One review

Talk about my experiences with the Anova One Sous Vide machine.


The Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is handsomely packaged in a cardboard box with foam inserts that keep it very well protected when stored. In fact, I used the original box when moving from St. Louis, Mo to Jacksonville, FL and it held up very well. The formed foam inserts are very sturdy, and are perfect for keeping everything clean and in place when stored.

Cooking results


I’ve been very impressed with the construction of the Anova. It’s put together very solidly, and have a definite heft to it when in hand. The textures of the materials are very pleasing to not only the eye, but to touch as well. The unit has proven very durable over the last 7 months I’ve used it, including a fall from my counter top while drying (Don’t try to stand it up in a dish rack, it will fall out!). My heart about stopped when I heard the crash from the other other room, but the only damage was that the stainless steel lower half had gotten out of alignment with the top half. I unfastened it and put it back together and it popped perfectly back into place. I’ve been very pleased at how well the finishes have held up under heavy use, and feel like I will get many years of enjoyment out of this unit.



Rosemary Lamb cooked Sous Vide at 144F for 2.5 hours. You simply have not had good lamb until you’ve had a sous vide lamb. It came out incredibly tender, and perfectly cooked with a quick sear on my grill.

Ribeye Steak cooked Sous Vide at 145F for 3 hours

Yes, I’m cooking steaks in a mop bucket. it’s been surprisingly hard to find a proper water container for this unit because of it’s minimum water depth.

As a comparison, here’s a strip steak I Sous Vide in a crockpot for about 6 hours constantly babysitting it. I do NOT recommend this method. The results are okay, but it’s incredibly time consuming.