About me

Hey there, my name is Ben and this is my blog. I’m a bit of a nerd so there will be only what I can describe as a smattering of random posts on here. You’ll get posts ranging from food to finance so buckle up! I have ever evolving tastes and hobbies, so this blog will probably be a living breathing project reflecting what I’m into at any given time.


mira and daddy at the beach
not so sure about this blog thing

My daughter isn’t so sure about this blog thing yet. Her name is Mira, and you’ll probably see a lot of her.

In 2015 we moved to Jacksonville, Florida to start a new career in a new town. I work as a project manager /  engineer at a large tech company, I’m 28 years old and have a pretty diverse background, including founding several startups, working as a business counselor for the SBA, and a solutions consultant for a software as a service company. My wheelhouse tends to be Business + tech.

I have a passion for technology and startups, I really enjoy Doctor Who, adventure time, Game of Thrones, and TopGear. I enjoy watching the stock market and personal finances in my spare time, and I like coming up with startup ideas on the fly.

I have been married for fours years to my beautiful wife Alyssa, she’s a photographer and stays at home with our daughter Mira.

 I hope you enjoy my blog, and share it with your friends. Feel free to discuss my posts here, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn